There’s more to Dolby Atmos than flying instruments!

I’ve just published a blog on the new recording by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge, released on Blu-ray Audio complete with Dolby Atmos sound

Kings Dolby Atmos

Is there a place for Dolby Atmos in music? Yes, I understand all about the need for flying debris in those big action movies. but for a recording of a world-famous choir performing in one of UK’s best-known buildings?

Well, yes, there is: as I explain in this piece, just published for Gramophone, this may be the first classical recording to use Dolby Atmos, but others are thinking along the same lines…

Written by Andrew Everard



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  2. Thomas Brezicka · · Reply

    It is an astonishing experience to be in the cathedral and at home at the same time. After a few seconds of listening I realised that this is how classical music really should be recorded and reproduced. All dimensions of sound cognition were present with all voices and acoustics in their proper places. I now wish that more releases will come soon. It is a cheap investment for those, like me, who already enjoy SACD.

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