Naim adds DSD to nDAC and DAC-V1, boosts sound quality

Two models gain single-rate and double-rate DSD64/DSD128 via a free firmware download, available from today


Naim has just announced a firmware update for its Naim DAC (or nDAC) and DAC-V1 models, allowing both to handle DSD music files.

DSD can be input over the asynchronous USB connection from a computer in the case of the DAC-V1; via S/PDIF on the nDAC; or from a USB stick on both models. Both DSF and DFF files are accepted.

The firmware will enable the two models to handle both single-rate DSD (DSD64 or DSD2.8MHz) and double-rate DSD128/DSD5.6MHz, and the additional programming and optimisation of the core DSP code is said to have had further general sound quality benefits.

The upgrade also brings sample rate conversion to the DAC-V1, allowing a digital input to be adjusted on-the-fly to handle out-of-range input clock signals, thus improving overall robustness with S/PDIF sources lacking an accurate clock.

The new firmware is available for download from the Naim website, here for the DAC-V1 and here for the nDAC, and Windows users will also need a driver update, available here. No drivers are required for Mac OSX computers.

Written by Andrew Everard


One comment

  1. I find the DAC-V1 frustrating in a way … so close to perfection but not quite.

    I do wish Naim has added a single analogue input alongside the digital. If I want to run a turntable through it I need to add a separate pre to a DAC-V1 / NAP100 system currently…

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