Naim adds Tidal to Mu-so and streaming products

Hi-res streaming service rolling out from October 6th via online updates; free 90-day trial of Tidal’s premium Hi-Fi service included

naim tidal menu

Tidal is coming to Naim products from next week, with the hi-res streaming service being rolled out to both the Mu-so all-in one system and the company’s Uniti and ND- ranges via downloadable updates. And to allow Naim users to try the service, a free 90-day trial of Tidal’s premium Hi-Fi service will be made available through the Naim App.

An update for all of the company’s two-channel streaming products will be available from the Naim website from Tuesday, October 6th, along with update instructions, while Mu-so owners will be prompted to update using a wizard on the Naim App.

naim tidal sam smith

In addition, the update will bring added functionality to Mu-so: it will become fully multiroom-ready, allowing it to stream music in perfect synchronisation to other Mu-sos, Unitis or ND- series products in up to four rooms. Mu-so can now function as the ‘master’ streamer for such a system

Gapless playback will now be supported by Mu-so, as will Seek2Time searching through tracks played via UPnP, and alarm clock functionality. Mu-so will also now be able to access the hi-res HLS format BBC Radio stations.

The Uniti/ND- models will be updated using new v4.4 firmware: it’s compatible with 24bit/192kHz versions of the original NaimUniti, UnitiQute and early NDX models, along with the UnitiQute 2, NaimUniti 2, SuperUniti, NDS, later NDX models, ND5 XS, NAC-N 272 and NAC-N 172 XS.

The new firmware for Mu-so is Version 1.3, and a new version of the Naim App to support the Tidal functionality will also be available on October 6th: it’s Version 4.6 for iOS, and 1.6 for Android.

Written by Andrew Everard




  1. Mr A Johnson · · Reply

    Interesting that many of the quality audio brands are now jumping onto the Tidal bandwagon … naim, linn just to name a few. Unfortunately unless you have a top-notch system (and good hearing) the extra money spent subscribing to a hi-res audio service in comparison to Spotify is wasted, That said, on hearing a demo between Spotify and Tidal using the Linn system the audio quality is very noticeable.

  2. Tidal since 2 years ( then called Wimp) · · Reply

    Which of ATC SCM11 or Triangle Antal EZ would you choose for a Uniti? Have Tidal subscription, Hifi. Cheers

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