So, two years on…

It’s two years since I set up this site, and it’s been non-stop fun

I’ve just been reminded by WordPress that it’s two years since I originally set up this site, with the first story being a review of Just Audio’s AHA-120 headphone amplifier. first story

Over the past couple of years I’ve had great fun here writing reviews, blogs and blithers on all kinds of things to do with hi-fi and consumer electronics, just as I promised to do when I first wrote my ‘About Me‘ profile the day before the site went live.

So, two years in, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s supported this site, either by reading it or commenting or emailing me.

It’s always good to hear what you think of what I write – even those of you choosing to rant a bit – and I can only apologise for the fact there’s not as much posted here on a regular basis as I’d originally planned.

Y’see, having ‘moved on’ with the hollow reassurance that ‘we’re sure you’ll find another job soon’ ringing in my ears, I have to report that I have. Well, not another job, but lots of them: writing for the very nice people at Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi Critic and Hi-Fi News, still keeping Gramophone readers up to date with audio goings-on as well as offering the occasional briefing guide for Jazzwise on all things hi and fi.

And then there’s all kinds of writing about all kinds of things, all of which keeps one on the old toes and maintains the Mac at a nice cooking temperature most of the day (and some nights).

It’s a constant challenge, and something new every day with not a hint of the ‘Don’t blame it on the good times/Blame it on the Google’ production-line, which is great – but I’ll try to keep this site up to date as well as I can with content I find interesting.

I hope you’ll find at least some of it just as entertaining – and thanks again.

Oh and for those who keep asking, the picture at the top of the site was taken a few years back in one of the traditional ‘gassho’ villages up in the mountains of central Japan; here’s a video for the gassho geeks among you.

Written by Andrew Everard




  1. Delighted you have been so occupied, Andrew. I read your words in Gramophone and now HFN, so don’t feel that I’m missing out. I know a few of the old forumites at WHF still refer people here for sane reviews. And more than once I’ve directed people to your various articles about home networking and NAS devices. Long may your continue!
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Nick

  2. plastic penguin · · Reply

    Congrats Andrew. Wow, time flies… always enjoy your findings, even though I don’t post here as often as I could. Keep the good work going!

    All the best

    1. Thanks, double-p

  3. Malc Singer · · Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    I always loved your exceptionally thoughtful, insightful, and thoroughly informative and entertaining pieces in What Hi-Fi (and I’m not forgetting all the exceptional effort and time you spent on the forums). Then you moved here….

    Still the same great pleasure to read your thoughts and opinions as always – just a shame there aren’t more of them!!

    Is it actually two years to the day that you set up your site? If so, lets wish each other a Happy Birthday as that’s the date of mine, (57 and still groaning!)

    All the best and hope you keep it up mate.


    1. Thanks – and happy birthday!

  4. Many congratulations Andrew. It’s a good and reassuring sign to see your name at the head of a review. I’ve read your reviews for years and still name check you on other sites. I may not have agreed with everything you’ve said, but you’re one of my “go to” reviewers, no question. You, David Price, Noel Keywood and Adam Smith. And Kessler for wrecking the joint!

    Here’s to a good few more years and many more reviews. All the best.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words.

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