UPDATED: Marantz celebrates 30 years of Special Editions with new SA-14 1SE and PM-14 1SE


KI bannerUPDATED 01.07.15: Have been out in Eindhoven for a couple of days for a more detailed listen to the SA-14 1SE and PM-14 1SE, and can now confirm the price is rather lower than suggested in the early reports below. The products are set to go on sale in September, at £1799 apiece.

POSTED 04.06.15:
Marantz Brand Ambassador Ken Ishiwata has been demonstrating the forthcoming SA-141SE and PM-141SE SACD/CD player and amplifier here at the D+M Group European Dealer Conference in Monaco – and more details have emerged of the tuning work carried out to create the new models, which celebrate 30 years since the first Marantz ‘limited edition’ products.

Playing a mixture of CD-quality, hi-res PCM, DSD files and self-copied DSD rips from vinyl, Ishiwata today introduced the new products to an audience of European journalists and dealers from around the world.

Set to go on sale in a few months at a price of around £2000 each for player and amplifier, the combination not only plays discs but also allows the connection of a computer for direct playback of stored files.

Based on existing models, the new products feature a range of familiar Ishiwata tuning strategies, including a heavy 5mm thick lid for extra damping, high rigid feet and chassis damping, and copper caps on the power transistors in the amplifier.

Both products also feature the company’s Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules, or HDAMs, here in top-spec ‘-SA2’ form, along with customised components including toroidal transformers in both player and amp. The player also uses a Marantz-original SA-CD mechanism to optimise data read-out.

As to the rest of the changes, they’ll become clearer nearer to the launch of the two products: for now Marantz is saying only that they have ‘many other secret refinements for outstanding audio performance.’

Posted 14.05.15: Launched here at High End 2015 are the new Marantz SA-141SE SACD player and PM-141SE amplifier, being demonstrated at the show by Brand Ambassador Ken Ishiwata.

The two new products mark 30 years of Marantz Special Edition products, and will be in the shops in September, at £2000/€2500 apiece.




  1. […] write this I’m just getting myself organized to go off and have another listen to the forthcoming Marantz SA-14SE/PM-14SE system (below), first seen at the Munich High End show a couple of weekends back – yes, a system based […]

  2. plastic penguin · · Reply

    I’m surprised flagship Marantzes haven’t received some of the plaudits of their budget range.

  3. Yusufali Akbarally · · Reply

    I purchased the Marantz PM-32 Integrated Stereo Amplifier & Marantz Compact Disk CD-42mkII from Dubai in the year 1990, and since then I am using this equipment as my child and taking care of it as my baby, now I have a problem with the volume controller switch of the Amplifier as I increase the volume to full to have both my speakers to work, and my electronic technician advises me that the volume controller has to be changed and this particular part is not available in the market, also the CD player the plastic real to automatically eject and insert has broken into small peaces due to old age, please advise me from where could I purchase these items as I have tried to purchase these parts from many countries and all of them say that there parts are not available. What should I do?

  4. It’s probably not surprising that spare parts are no longer available for products now 25 years old, but it might be worth contacting one of the Marantz enthusiast groups – such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/6255069919 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/257177287661193 – to see whether anyone can help.

    The volume control may well be an ‘off-the-shelf’ – ie non-Marantz – part, but you’d need to find a circuit diagram or service manual to find this out, and it should be possible to find a replacement for the broken plastic part in the CD player, as this probably used a Philips transport, spares for many of which are still available either new or salvaged/used.

    I’d try searching online for the name of the product and ‘service manual’ – I’ve just done it, and manuals seem to be available for both units.

    Good luck!

  5. Joe Mitchell · · Reply

    will the Marantz Pm 14 se/Am14se be available in the USA?

    1. Not sure – best to check on availability with Marantz USA.

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