Naim adds Spotify to its network music players

Spotify Connect to be added via firmware upgrade

Naim adds Spotify

Naim has just announced that it’s adding Spotify Connect to all its digital music players, allowing Spotify Premium subscribers to select and play music from iOS and Android devices.

The facility will be activated via a firmware update for all 24-bit/192kHz Naim players, to be available from the company’s website.

With the new firmware in place, set-up will just be a matter of opening the latest Spotify app on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device, pressing play and then selecting the Naim player via the Spotify Connect logo on the playback bar.

The Naim player will then take its stream directly from Spotify’s local servers, helping to preserve the battery life of the portable device.

Naim MD Paul Stephenson says that ’It will now be even easier to discover and enjoy a world of music through your Naim system: Spotify and Internet Radio combined offer an almost limitless capacity to discover new music.’

Owners of older Naim players can have them upgraded to the higher resolution via Naim dealers in order to use the service.

Naim has also announced that its updated range of Uniti systems will gain Bluetooth with a new aptX module, but this won’t extend to the company’s ND- series of network music players.

Prices for the new Unitis are £1295 for the UnitiQute2, £1995 for the UnitiLite (now with DAB/DAB+/FM as standard), £3050 for the NaimUniti2, and £3675 for the SuperUniti. Prices of the ND- players are unchanged.


Written by Andrew Everard


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