Can this little stick make any audio device with a USB socket sound better?

USB power conditioner

In Japan, and have just been shown – and had demonstrated – a little device said to be able to make any product with a USB port sound better.

Can tell you it involves hand-soldering in silver, and mica from Giridi Bihar in sub-Himalayan India, may sell for €100, and comes from a surprising source.

And it’s said to work on audio systems with USB inputs, laptops and – using an adapter – even your iDevice.

More when I get home and have a chance to play with it in my own systems – watch this space…

Written by Andrew Everard



  1. Hope you brought one back for me

    1. So far only available bundled with a system on sale in Japan, Steve, but company in question is looking at selling it as a standalone.

  2. Green Pen for USB digits then?

    1. Hardly, given that it can only be used when the USB socket is otherwise unoccupied. It seems to be more of a power conditioner – listening continues…

  3. steve woods · · Reply

    Could it be used in something like a Superuniti?

    1. Currently being used in something like an original NaimUniti – results as yet inconclusive, but haven’t been listening too closely so far

  4. steve woods · · Reply


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