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OLED TV could be turning into the plasma of the future – and not in a good way

With crumbling alliances, tumbling prices and the threat of incoming Chinese TVs, what was heralded as the display technology of the future could already be heading for footnote in history status The last month of 2013 hasn’t been a good one for OLED TV technology. Not only has one of only two OLED TVs on […]

Rare Exports

’Tis the season to get a new all-time favourite Christmas movie

A Facebook tip led me to Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale – and we lapped it up! Almost everyone has a favourite Christmas movie: for some the festive season can’t pass without a bash at White Christmas, while many swear by It’s A Wonderful Life. And then there’s the Alistair Sim version of A Christmas […]

CES 2014 is almost here: gentlemen, start your trousers…

We’ve still got three weeks to go before the greatest consumer electronics show in the world (or at least in America), but already willies are being waved and backs bent You know how annoying it is when you go into a shop in September and the tinsel and bauble department is already set-up, with Now […]

Roth OLi RA1

REVIEW: Roth Audio OLi RA1 – tiny speakers with more than a little magic

Remember when Britain was known as the home of the £100 super-speaker? Manufacturers in other countries scratched their heads when they saw what brands such as Mission, JPW, KEF and Wharfedale could do for so little money, then scratched even harder when they realised the giveaway price was per pair, and not each (as is […]

Can this little stick make any audio device with a USB socket sound better?

In Japan, and have just been shown – and had demonstrated – a little device said to be able to make any product with a USB port sound better. Can tell you it involves hand-soldering in silver, and mica from Giridi Bihar in sub-Himalayan India, may sell for €100, and comes from a surprising source. […]